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breathe hope in me.
Alice (17) and Bea (18) Gran Canaria.
(Canary Islands, Spain).

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breathe hope in me.


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T. Dylan Moore
This painting, The Star, will be in Mindzai Creative’s Querents show, which opens tonight. If any of my wonderful followers lives near Atlanta, you should go to the opening. You’ll get free drinks and Tarot readings while looking at cool art. Here’s more information about the opening.
Side note: The painting was an experiment with color. I wanted to see if I could make the skin tone appear warm without using any warm colors in the whole piece. I only used three tubes of paint: black, white, and turquoise. I’m not sure how successful the results were, because I’ve been staring at it way too long, but it was a fun experiment.

 by Korneel Detailleur


Hippest husky for national dog day

is that patrick stump

Ken Price